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My name is Johan and I am a digital designer with a focus on motion design





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Things i have created

Kolon Studio

I made a ton of animation during my internship at Kolon Studio. Many of them were for clients but I did a lot internally for their social media and for their website.

Gundla Gårdscafé

During my last semster at Yrgo we got at brief to create a brand and a website for Gundla Gårdscafé just outside of Gothenburg. To sell our design I create av showcase video of the new  branding.


Comactiva is a company that works with translation. During my time at Kolon Studio I got the task to create some abstract animations for thier website that visualized thier services.


Knowhub is a swedish investment company. i worked with them during my internship at Kolon Studio.

Knowhub needed a new webiste and some playful animations to spice things up.


Software used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Maxon Cinema 4D